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CA glue from Satellite City Instant Glues, also known as cyanoacrylate, super glue
CA Glue
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At Satellite City, we offer several types of CA glue. It is very important to choose the glue with the proper viscosity and characteristics for your application. Which instant glue is right for you? Read the details below to find out:

Hot Stuff Original (Catalog numbers HS-1, HS-4, HS-7, and HS-8) is our THIN CA glue with a viscosity (3cps) similar to water and no surface tension. When you have parts that fit exactly together, first get them in position, then run this instant glue along the crack, and it will wick right in. If you have tight-fitting joints of non-porous material, Hot Stuff thin CA glue will give you the best results as it will not create any extra space between the pieces, and since you get the parts aligned before applying this instant glue, you can be sure they will be perfectly in place when the glue cures.

Super T MEDIUM CA glue (Catalog numbers HST-1, HST-4, HST-7, and HST-8) has a viscosity (200-300 cps), similar to syrup. This super glue is perfect for gluing somewhat porous materials and pieces which have small gaps between them. Super T instant glue cures at a slower speed (10-25 seconds) than Hot Stuff. You can bond wood, metal, rubber, nitrile, composites like carbon fiber and Kevlar, many types of plastics, and more. To bond two parts together, apply the Super T CA glue to one part and accelerator to the other part, then push together and hold tightly for around 30 seconds.

Special T THICK CA glue (Catalog numbers HST-4T, HST-7T, and HST-8T) has a viscosity (1150-1500) similar to honey. This ultra gap-filling super glue works great when you use it to bond both porous and non-porous parts, and it can fill large gaps. It is best used to glue parts that are missing pieces or dont fit very well together. You can bond the same materials as with our other CA glue- wood, metal rubber, nitrile, composites, many types of plastics- and it is effective even when a poor fit makes parts look impossible to bond. The gap-filling capability is very useful when there is a large chunk missing from a surface- filling that space with Special T can preserve the structural integrity, seal the area from moisture and contaminants, bond something to the exterior that would not fit otherwise, cover and protect jagged edges, and improve the look of the surface.

UFO Thin (Catalog number UFO-7 ) and UFO Thick (Catalog number UFO-7 ) odorless foam-safe CA glue are similar to Hot Stuff Original and Special T but they emit practically NO FUMES or odor. If you have ever worked with CA glue before, you know those curing fumes can be very irritating, which is why we recommend always working with adequate ventilation. If you are very sensitive to CA glue fumes or are working in an area that is not possible to ventilate properly, UFO Odorless CA glue is the answer. Additionally, UFO Odorless CA glue will not attack styrofoam. This is very important, as normal CA glues can attack and destroy it, turning a precious model into scrap. If you want an instant glue to bond styrofoam, you canít afford NOT to use UFO.

Pro Kit
A complete set with accelerator and debonder
Hot Stuff Original
Water-thin for tight fits and cracks
Super T
Medium for porous materials and small gaps
Special T
Thick for poor fits and large gaps
UFO User Friendly Odorless
Odorless and foam safe!
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HK-1 <b>Hot Stuff Pro Kit</b>- complete CA glue set with accelerator and debonder
HK-1 Hot Stuff Pro Kit- complete CA glue set with accelerator and debonder
Your Price: $39.95
HS-4 <b>Hot Stuff 2oz</b> thin CA glue
HS-4 Hot Stuff 2oz thin CA glue
Your Price: $10.50
HS-7 <b>Hot Stuff 1oz</b> thin CA glue
HS-7 Hot Stuff 1oz thin CA glue
Your Price: $5.95
HS-8 <b>Hot Stuff 4oz</b> thin CA glue
HS-8 Hot Stuff 4oz thin CA glue
Your Price: $19.95
HS-1 <b>Hot Stuff 1/2 oz 12-pack</b> thin CA glue
HS-1 Hot Stuff 1/2 oz 12-pack thin CA glue
Your Price: $47.40
HST-4 <b>Super T 2oz</b> medium CA glue
HST-4 Super T 2oz medium CA glue
Your Price: $10.50
HST-7 <b>Super T 1oz</b> medium CA glue
HST-7 Super T 1oz medium CA glue
Your Price: $5.95
HST-8 <b>Super T 4oz</b> medium CA glue
HST-8 Super T 4oz medium CA glue
Your Price: $19.95
HST-1 <b>Super T 1/2oz 12-pack</b> medium CA glue
HST-1 Super T 1/2oz 12-pack medium CA glue
Your Price: $47.40
HST-4T <b>Special T 2oz</b> thick CA glue
HST-4T Special T 2oz thick CA glue
Your Price: $11.50
HST-7T <b>Special T 1oz</b> thick CA glue
HST-7T Special T 1oz thick CA glue
Your Price: $6.95
HST-8T <b>Special T 4oz</b> thick CA glue
HST-8T Special T 4oz thick CA glue
Your Price: $21.95
UFO-7 <b>Odorless thin 1oz</b> CA glue
UFO-7 Odorless thin 1oz CA glue
Your Price: $10.95
UFO-7T <b>Odorless thick 1oz</b> CA glue
UFO-7T Odorless thick 1oz CA glue
Your Price: $10.95