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Super T medium gap-filling CA glue from Satellite City Instant Glues
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Super T medium gap-filling CA glue is available in 12 packs of 1/4oz and 1/2oz bottles, and in individual 1oz, 2oz, and 4oz bottles. See individual product pages for quantity discounts.
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HST-4 <b>Super T 2oz</b> medium CA glue
HST-4 Super T 2oz medium CA glue
Your Price: $10.50
HST-7 <b>Super T 1oz</b> medium CA glue
HST-7 Super T 1oz medium CA glue
Your Price: $5.95
HST-8 <b>Super T 4oz</b> medium CA glue
HST-8 Super T 4oz medium CA glue
Your Price: $19.95
HST-1 <b>Super T 1/2oz 12-pack</b> medium CA glue
HST-1 Super T 1/2oz 12-pack medium CA glue
Your Price: $47.40
Super T medium gap-filling CA glue has a viscosity (200-300 cps), similar to syrup. This super glue is perfect for gluing somewhat porous materials and pieces which have small gaps between them. Super T instant glue cures at a slower speed (10-25 seconds) than Hot Stuff. You can bond wood, metal, rubber, nitrile, composites like carbon fiber and Kevlar, many types of plastics, and more. To bond two parts together, apply the Super T CA glue to one part and accelerator to the other part, then push together and hold tightly for around 30 seconds.

Super T instant glue is used by professionals to assemble dental prosthetics, guitars and other musical instruments, auto stereo systems, movie sets, trophies, car and airplane interiors, high-end jewelry- the list is very long. Super T is our most versatile CA glue, able to bond porous and non-porous materials with a good fit as well as fill gaps, which is why it is so popular. You don’t have to be a professional to use this super glue- it’s perfect not only for recreational hobbies like model-building, but also for fixing all the little things that fall apart - even your shoes! (see our Shoe Tutorial)

In addition to bonding parts together, you can easily use this super glue for a professional-quality finish and to repair damage to other finishes. See our tutorials on Pen Finishing and Guitar Repair for tips on applying a finish and repairing damaged finishes.

We recommend using the NCF Quick CA glue accelerator to speed up the cure time and ensure a complete cure of the bond. Accelerator is not always necessary when bonding materials, but it is a must-have when using Super T as a finish because it can take hours instead of seconds for CA glue to cure when it is sitting on a surface instead of being pressed between two parts.

You may also want to keep a bottle of our Super Solvent debonder for CA glue on hand to remove super glue from your hands and most surfaces. You may not need Super Solvent often, but it doesn’t go bad, and you’ll be glad you have it when you need it!

Store unopened bottles in the freezer to extend shelf life. Bottles of super glue (any brand) which have been opened will experience a shorter shelf life if they are continually taken out of and put back into cold storage. Shelf life is 6 months for 1/4oz, 9 months for 1/2oz, and 1 year for 1, 2, and 4oz bottles.