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Satellite City instant glues, particularly Super T medium and Special T thick, are commonly used in taxidermy. In this video from McKenzie Supply, Joe Ferebee demonstrates how to attach an artificial bird head and set the eyes. He uses Special T thick CA glue to attach the skin to the head.

Joe applies the glue with a modeling tool, which is a technique that can be used in all types of applications. If you want to use a very small amount of glue and be extremely precise when applying it, you can use a tool with a fine point- dip the point in and then spread the glue with the tool. Always pour a little glue into a separate container first if you want to do this so that you do not contaminate the glue in the bottle.

Who are McKenzie Supply and Joe Ferebee?

McKenzie Supply is the recognized leader in the taxidermy industry. They carry an unmatched selection of taxidermy supplies and also produce instructional videos. You can find these on the McKenzie Supply Youtube channel. Joe Ferebee is a supplier of taxidermy forms and artificial heads, among other items. He also has created several instructional works, including a turkey-mounting dvd and a painting manual for artificial duck heads, as well as several of the videos on Mckenzie Supply's Youtube channel.