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Robert O'Brien of O'Brien Guitars demonstrates two different methods of attaching binding to a fretboard of a guitar. In the first method, he uses Super T medium CA glue on the fretboard, then gets the binding in place and uses the backsplash of his workbench to hold it in place while he uses NCF Quick accelerator to speed up the cure. In the second method, he clamps the binding against the fretboard with binding tape and then uses pipettes with Hot Stuff Original CA glue to wick inside the seam and bond the two parts together.

Who is Robert O'Brien?

Robert O'Brien of O'Brien Guitars is a master luthier who not only builds custom guitars but also teaches lutherie classes in his shop and at the Colorado School of Lutherie in Denver as well as online classes. In addition, he created several instructional DVDs and regularly releases new videos on the O'Brien Guitars Youtube Channel.

Read more about Robert "Robbie" O'Brien in the Bio section of the O'Brien guitars website.