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In this video, Robert O'Brien of O'Brien Guitars shows how to fill in hairline gaps where the binding meets the sides or back of a guitar using Hot Stuff Original thin CA glue. This is very important to do before finishing because, in Robert's words, "the finish will only magnify any imperfection that was not caught during the prepping stage." Robert demonstrates a great technique that can be used in many other situations involving gaps in wood- sanding the surface to fill the crack with dust. This makes the crack invisible. You can do a similar technique with stone by using stone dust or crushed stone powder- either to hide a crack in a stone or as an inlay to give some character to a piece..

Who is Robert O'Brien?

Robert O'Brien of O'Brien Guitars is a master luthier who not only builds custom guitars but also teaches lutherie classes in his shop and at the Colorado School of Lutherie in Denver as well as online classes. In addition, he created several instructional DVDs and regularly releases new videos on the O'Brien Guitars Youtube Channel.

Read more about Robert "Robbie" O'Brien in the Bio section of the O'Brien guitars website.