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Andrew Hadden of Hadden Hailers demonstrates how he applies Hot Stuff Original thin CA glue with NCF Quick Accelerator to his game calls for a beautiful glossy finish tough enough to withstand the rigors of hunting. In this video, Andrew finishes a duck call, but this method can also be used for finishing goose calls, coyote calls, and many other turned items, such as pens (see our Pen Finishing tutorial.)

Who is Andrew Hadden?

Andrew’s passion for the outdoors began as a child. Over the years he had tried his hand at deer, rabbit, and dove hunting. But it was his brother-in-law who first opened his eyes to the world of duck and goose hunting in November 2007. After a very adventurous first year, Andrew was hooked. He spent the next year preparing for season with an admiration of a child. After his second year, he learned from family about the equipment needed to produce his own calls. Father’s Day 2009 changed his life forever when his son gave him the tools needed to create unique, one of a kind duck and goose calls. The artist within him that had taken a back seat to his engineering career became visible again. After a few tries, Andrew found his niche. From that point he began making the unique calls that so many people today admire. Through the eyes of an artist, a company was born of true magnitude. Since his first turn, Andrew has broadened his horizon by creating his one of a kind polyester resin calls. He has strived to find only the best of the best in his supplies and suppliers. Visit the Hadden Hailers website for beautiful custom game calls.