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To see how the Hot Stuff finish looks, see the video on our page about how to finish pens with Super T CA glue .

Note: We suggest you familiarize yourself with this method first on a scrap piece before attempting on a real project. For use on natural, unstained, wood surfaces only.

How to finish a flat surface with Hot Stuff Original thin CA glue

Satellite City adhesives used in this guide

Hot Stuff Original thin CA glue
UFO Odorless thin CA glue
NCF Quick accelerator
CA glue spreader card

Now you and your customers can have the finish to end all finishes on table tops, cabinets and just about any flat surface that can be worked horizontally. A few minutes of testing this Hot Stuff Original thin CA glue method on a scrap piece and we think you'll agree that the finish you can get is beautiful, almost bullet-proof and very fast.

This method should only be used outside or in well-ventilated area as the curing fumes of Hot Stuff CA glue can be uncomfortable. If ventilation is a problem, try the UFO Odorless thin CA glue. UFO has no fumes or odor. All applications of Hot Stuff or UFO should be done over a drop-cloth to protect the bench or floor.

The Hot Stuff CA glue finish

Set the unfinished piece horizontally and wipe off all wood dust. Vacuuming is best. Apply UFO Thin or Hot Stuff to a small area and, using a CA glue spreader card or business card, move the instant glue around to cover as much area as possible. Repeat until the surface has been coated.

Once the whole surface is coated, instant curing is done by misting on a light spray of NCF Quick accelerator. Best results are achieved by holding the NCF Quick can about three feet above the work and spraying lightly. Care should be taken not to hold the bottle directly over the work. This is to prevent a drip from falling onto the curing UFO Thin or HOT STUFF instant glue and causing a foaming effect. Let stand for a minute, then repeat this curing procedure to make sure all is cured. Test the area to make sure itâs all cured, by lightly passing your hand over the work.

Block sand with 320 grit 3M "Tri-Mite" silicon carbide paper. Do not wet sand. Keeping the work dry is essential.

After wiping off and vacuuming all dust, repeat the whole procedure once or twice more to achieve the depth you desire. Finer, 400 to 600 grit paper can be used now between coats. Usually two coats is enough for a beautiful finish.

When all applications and sanding have been done, check carefully to see if any areas have been sanded through the UFO™ Thin or HOT STUFF™ to the wood. If so, touch up the raw area and blend in. Rub with fine steel wool to a satin luster. Follow with polish and wax for a high gloss finish, if desired.